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Jan 29

Written by: prasann mishra
29/01/2011 10:35  RssIcon

hello all vsom members now again ill come to discus with u, today ill share something with you about changing our education system.........
in earlier time means vedic era we had used gurukul pattern of study which is world best and oldest education system  in this system
is totaly based on praticle knowledge. if student have  that prcticle approach so he can do anything in his life .......

but when british government ruled in india. The British government did not recognize the traditional structures and so they have declined.
even Gandhi described the traditional educational system as a beautiful tree which was destroyed during the British rule.

britisher know that if we not  declined this system we could not ruled in india this is best eduaction system of this whole world .......but we  still used this system.....
in this pattern only marks are matter skill are not mateers.  marks are not important but nobody understand it  " knowledge is not power, apply knowledge is power"
if we dont have practicle approach we cant do anything in our  life,  but nobody understand that

in india many students are doing sucide , .The main reason that most of us think is studies problem. Some students do suicide after getting failed. This may be due to pressure they feel after getting failed. They may be having pressure because of the criticism they may have to face from other students, teachers and parents. Some students may be committing suicide after being getting beaten or shout-en by their parents. Parents must not criticize or beat their children on a failure. Parents must motivate the children to hard work and pass in the next exam. A mere failure once in life can happen with anyone and one should not give up. Some students commit suicide before their exam may be they have not completed study and know if they appear they will fail or score less marks. Parents and teachers much help such students who are under lot of pressure just before their exams. Parents must not force children to study when they are not feeling well or are not in the mood to study. If students are properly guided by their parents and teachers such problem can be avoided easily....
but no one udersstand that everone focus on marks ........

even our teaching pattern is also not correct why teacher and student have so many problem with each other.   1st reason is genertion gap and 2nd reason is that why we understand movie very easily beacuse its understable and its fun,  so when we learn by fun its understnd easily,   but  when teacher come to the class they said no one talk no one lough,  but when u say something that dont do this thing but, child want to this thing only ,then their more focus on  that we are not loughing this time so their mind is distract so they did not understand anything in class .    thats why if teacher is more friendly with student and  " learn by fun pattern is used this thing not happend

so friend now time has come to change our education system so take intiative and make a beautiful and wonderful india  plzzz comment on it and give your views..

prasann mishra

Copyright ©2011 prasann mishra

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Re: change our education system

It is very good think but how it is possible suddenly

By Rajesh Kumre on   15/03/2011 10:36

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