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Author: prasann mishra Created: 18/01/2011 13:41
in our parliment 500 mp are angaged with any crime.these person r make rule for us these so u can think that. what they decided for us..think abt it .if u want to change our system 1st we have to vote to right person. we all hate politics.but nobody want to change it.this is our country.. think abt it..give little time to our countryso be aware of it my frnd..proud to be an indian and do something for ur country................
By prasann mishra on 29/01/2011 10:35
By prasann mishra on 28/01/2011 12:58
By prasann mishra on 26/01/2011 17:51
By prasann mishra on 26/01/2011 17:45
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