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By Raghu Pandey on 01/10/2010 16:59
Actually this post was supposed to be titled “Intra College Portal and Quality of Learning Environment – Part 2 of 2”, as I am going to continue the discussion from the part 1 of this blog. But I thought of highlighting something which we have recently ‘Discovered’… and it’s an exciting thing for us!
By Raghu Pandey on 23/08/2010 18:31
This is the official blog for my eBook "10 Things You Must Know About 21st Century Jobs".

I published this eBook on 23rd August 2010 for all those people who are going to see the coming decade of 21st Century as an important or critical period in their professional life. I hope you will find it interesting and well timed! Enjoy reading!

You can download the Complimentary eBook here.

Please share you comments and suggestions for the Next edition on the Official Facebook Page for this eBook.
By Raghu Pandey on 16/08/2010 16:00
Hello World!
This post is going to be a BIG change from my past communications in which I had been constantly blowing my favourite trumpet "we are planning iBranch 2.0... we are working on iBranch 2.0... we are going to launch iBranch 2.0...", since last few months.

To the relief of many readers I am saying it this time in present perfect  tense - Ladies & Gentlemen we have launched iBranch 2.0 today, finally!

New product... New website... New logo... and New punchline. Everything is new!
By Raghu Pandey on 07/06/2010 20:42

Hello Everybody! Its an emergency post :)

iBranch team is so much engrossed in the development and planning the launch of iBranch 2.0 that we totally missed a BIG MILESTONE passing by!

At around 10 in the night of 29th May 2010... got its ONE THOUSANDTH blog article!!!

By Raghu Pandey on 26/03/2010 19:20

Continuing from where I left my last blog 'Aspect of Quality in Colleges' in this article I wish to talk more about the Quality issue in colleges. As I love to evangelize that the sure shot way to improve the quality of the 'Learning Environment' of a college is to have an Intra College Portal and to utilize it well, I have frequently seen people going confused (students, teachers & directors alike) with "What really is this thing called learning environment?"

By Raghu Pandey on 28/01/2010 14:16

In most industries like manufacturing or software it is easy to observe and measure the quality of the product or the end result, which clearly indicates the quality of manufacturing processes involved in creating that product. Thus, through tests & observations of the product, it is easy to control the quality of background processes because every attribute of the finished product has a corresponding manufacturing process. However in case of a college, where the objective is to churn out high quality people (students), it is difficult to map the attributes of a student to his or her "manufacturing" processes.

By Raghu Pandey on 18/01/2010 13:05

Although the Home page and FAQs section of contain a lot of information on Intra College Portals, still I felt like sharing my personal view on their need in colleges. Let me start by defining an intra college portal… It is a web based portal dedicated to a college, used by its students, teachers, & administration to collaborate among them. It allows them to share day-to-day notices & announcements, do day-to-day interaction, and share knowledge through Internet efficiently, without letting unauthorized outsiders see it.

By Raghu Pandey on 06/01/2010 14:12

Happy New Year world citizens! Yesterday we got a nice new year gift from, an encouraging review of iBranch service.

Checkout this link to read the review.

Thanks a lot to Indian Web Startups team! Thank you to all our wellwishers who kept our spirits high in 2009. May all your optimisms bear fruit this year and may you over achieve your targets. My target this year is lose weight personally and gain - a lot of it - for my comapny. We have to take our Intra College Portal service to pan-India levels... as Docomo puts it, its a 'Do Year' for us.

So people... you know 2010 AD has arrived for the first time since BigBang and will last only for next 51 weeks! The "right" time you were waiting for has come... Think BIG (read ENORMOUS) and execute - Mediocrity is Sin!

By Nidhi Pandey on 11/12/2009 19:12

Greetings all iBranch users! I am the Online Evangelist of Whats that? you must be thinking. Well my job is to help you get maximum benefit from iBranch service. So that’s going to be the main objective of ‘iBranch iDEAS!’.

‘iBranch iDEAS!’ is a series of blogs to keep you updated and well informed about things like Best Practices on iBranch, Hot Topics for Forum discussions and Blogging, iBranch Hall of Fame and Success stories chosen from amongst thousands of iBranch users.

Let me give you a brief description of all of them.

By Raghu Pandey on 11/12/2009 13:26
How we got transformed from a software product company to a web services company was described in the part 2 of this series. That transformation however was merely technological. It brought about its own set of marketing challenges, of which the first was market positioning. It took us quite a few brainstorming sessions and sales pitches before we finally decided to position as ‘Intra College Portal Service’. This straightforward positioning proved the most effective as compared to generic and industry accepted terms like ‘Web Enterprise Portal’ etc. It also helped us in creating our own niche.

After the positioning got stabilized, the next task we had to take up was indeed herculean – motivating the teachers & Students to *Adopt* iBranch for their day-to-day intra college collaboration. By early 2008 we had managed to convince 8 colleges in Bhopal to subscribe to our service. It was obvious that the usage of our service in these colleges would define the future of We virtually...
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